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Officer Honey

Light in the Darkness

My purpose in writing this book is to honor God and to show God’s heart of love for those who are hurt and damaged by life’s circumstances. – Both those suffering through no fault of their own and also those whose wrong choices cause their pain.

 I hope to encourage all who are having difficulty coping with life as well as prison staff, families who have incarcerated love ones, and the prisoners themselves.  

My story illustrates how my sorrows weren’t wasted, but instead were eventually used for my good and the benefit of others. The stories demonstrate how God can use the unqualified to accomplish His purposes.


When Dad’s car came into the driveway, Mom would hiss, “Hush, the bastard’s home.” We would become tense with fear and apprehension. Dad was like a volcano…and as unpredictable. Would Dad be drunk, in a rage, or both?

 –  –  –

while returning on Amtrak, I saw a tall, thin satanic-looking man with black fingernail polish, black eyeliner, long dyed black hair, black clothing, body and numerous face piercings and rings, and nail studded leather wrist bands. As he walked through my rail car, I breathed a prayer, “Lord, I’d like to tell him about You. Please make a way.”

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About Author 

At 5’2”, 104 lbs, Honey was one of the first women officers in a men’s prison. Her traumatic life gave her compassion, understanding, and the desire to help men change. She knew hurting people hurt others.

 Honey had an encounter with God while alone in a gun tower at 3:30 am. Then God gave Honey supernatural knowledge about inmates and staff to show God’s concern and heart of love for those who are hurt and damaged by life’s circumstances. – Both those suffering through no fault of their own and also those whose wrong choices cause their pain. This book will encourage prison staff, families who have incarcerated love ones, prisoners, and those who are just having difficulty coping with life. 

 Read about escapes deterred, sexual harassment, amazing transformations and miraculous healings of staff and inmates.  

—   All proceeds from this book are used to donate my book into prisons and transitional homes.  Books have gone into prisons in California, Arizona, and Illinois.  —

 Reviews for Officer Honey

PEGGY COLE  has a world-wide ministry, with healing miracles and prophetic words to individuals. She posted this on FaceBook:
Hi Honey, Thanks for your book. I really enjoyed it. You were amazingly transparent!!! You are a great writer. It held my interest from beginning to end. Blessings to you, Peggy

GERSHOM SAKAALA  of Zambia ministers globally, experiencing miraculous healings through the presence of God in his meetings. He also is a co-founder of Zambikes Co. He announced on FaceBook: Buy amazing book Officer Honey: God’s story that will change your life and witness the grace of God first hand. Thank you, Gershom! 

5.0 out of 5 stars Officer Honey, November 24, 2012

By Dixie Diamanti – 

 This review is from: Officer Honey: Light in the Darkness (Paperback)

I am so impressed with Honey’s transparency in her spiritual discoveries and her courage to walk into some pretty harrowing and scary places, knowing that she does not walk alone. We are all called by God to do something, and Honey’s journey should prove that anything can be accomplished in obedience to God as long as you trust He is right there by your side. In an atmosphere of oppression and darkness she brings light to set the captives free in spirit!!

4.0 out of 5 stars Really Enjoyed It, June 28, 2012 

By bthek – 

This review is from: Officer Honey: Light in the Darkness (Paperback)

Honey has an amazing story – very inspiring and uplifting. I could tell it is from the heart – very genuine and sincere. It would be a great read for someone who needs encouragement to help them get thru an intimidating situation. Just open your heart and mind and READ – you wont be sorry :O)

5.0 out of 5 stars Officer Honey, June 12, 2012

By Gigi J –  This review is from: Officer Honey: Light in the Darkness (Paperback)

Officer Honey: Light in the Darkness

God divine appointments is always at work Supernaturally. This book full of God grace & His mercy for the wounded hearts & trouble souls in the toughest places on earth. Officer Honey is truly an evangelist for Jesus Christ. The miracle happens as she partners with the Holy Spirit to reach out to the prisoners at her work place. The hearts that transform from darkness to light is God desires (Matthew 10:7-8). She is a great example of what Christian is all about. I’m totally recommended this book to all the walk of lives. A MUST READ inspirational book of all times.

 5.0 out of 5 stars Officer Honey, April 20, 2012 

By Carbon Jim –

This review is from: Officer Honey: Light in the Darkness (Paperback)

The book is wonderful. I read it one night from cover to cover! Could not put it down. I admire Honey’s strength.

The book is very well written and she is a great story teller. She has a “gift”. This is a wonderful thing in this life. It must be such a wonderful feeling knowing that she has had such a huge influence in a positive way, in the lives of so many individuals. She captured the feeling in her writings and opened her heart to tell the difficulties she had growing up.

It can be hard to put the feelings into words when it is a difficult subject and I am amazed in Honey’s strength to overcome so much. Bravo!

A great read.

 5.0 out of 5 stars 

Where Having Ears To Hear Makes A Lot Of Difference

March 22, 2012 

By  TWK –  

This review is from: Officer Honey: Light in the Darkness (Paperback) 


This book is very enjoyable to read and has more drama and action than most. You will be encouraged and it will build your faith.

Here is an environment where words have not been effective in the transformation of people (who obviously society has continually reached out to). So God sends a 1/2 pint female, but packs her with power to make the changes He wants to make.

Honey demonstrates the gospel, not just talks the talk. One miracle stimulates significantly and exponentially beyond preaching because of the testimony and effect it has. Miracles pierce the heart of the darkest people. They may be dark but they are not dump! When lives are changed to the degree that many are from these testimonies, we need to take notice and maybe even ask Holy Spirit how to incorporate His Ways into our lives. The Bible talks about the Body of Christ as different parts and even elaborates on this in 1 Cor 12:12-31. For those who have an interest in verse 28 where he designates miracles, gifts of healing, etc., this book will be a great encouragement.
I recommend it! Tom Kil 

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring!, February 28, 2012

By sk777 –  

This review is from: Officer Honey: Light in the Darkness (Paperback)

 This book is a very easy and enjoyable read. I found it to be encouraging, stimulating, and insightful. It portrays a shining example of how all our lives could be lived; with purpose, triumph, joy, and fulfillment. A must-read for anyone who is going through life with the question, “Why me?” Officer Honey also includes a very simple, practical guide to a deeper walk with God.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful testimony, February 22, 2012

By Carol Clark –  This review is from: Officer Honey: Light in the Darkness (Paperback)

Honey is a true woman of God. Her book is a testimony of what God did in her life and can do for all of us. She rose above a very difficult childhood to become a light to the inmates she watched over. Her honesty and openness is truely inspiring. I couldn’t put to book down. Many blessing of success.

5.0 out of 5 stars A fascinating, quite incredible read!, February 21, 2012

By Thomas L. Ogren (San Luis Obispo, CA United States) –  This review is from: Officer Honey: Light in the Darkness (Paperback)

Honey, the author of Officer Honey, is a character who if you’re ever lucky enough to meet her, perhaps at the many talks she gives, you’ll never forget.
An extremly petite, and I might add, very beautiful little lady, she’s had experinces most people never would have dreamed of. As an officer in a tough prison, she did her job professionally, but with compassion. Even though she’s little, she never let herself get pushed around.
Honey is also perfectly inspired by the goodness of God, and if you’re not religious, her book probably won’t be for you, but if you are, ah, you need to check it out. Not the sort of book you come across too often, Officer Honey is a terrific story, inspiring, uplifting, full of courage, guts and gumption, and one you’ll be glad you own.
Highly recommended!

Initial post:Feb 22, 2012 4:37:11 PM PST

Dave C. says:

I also think this book is a terrific read, whether you are religious or not. I am not that religous, but enjoyed Honey’s journey and her courage. It also has a very human side, especially when she talks about her childhood and the way she overcame obstacles at an early age. I highly recommend this book.

Your post: Feb 23, 2012 1:34:12 PM PST

Tell It Like It Is says:

As the author, although I truly appreciate Tom’s review, several non-religious, non-church going people have read the book and told me they enjoyed it very much and came to a deeper understanding about God’s love. At least one of them has been recommending my book to her friends!



“Officer Honey” is an interesting, entertaining, and sometimes challenging story, a book that reads quickly and grippingly. Its subject is an accurate portrayal of the Honey Moy French that we have grown to love and appreciate over the past several years.

Growing up isolated and a victim of prejudice, her story gives you insight to the struggles that many young people faced in small town America. Creatively working her way through adolescence she arrives at adulthood via a culture that empowers pleasure and self-indulgence. She makes some amazing discoveries that transforms her life from “being a taker to a giver.”

The spiritual discoveries alter her destiny, and with a new heart and attitude of accomplishment, she makes her way as a forerunner into a career that is uncharted by women. In an atmosphere of oppression, deceit, and hopelessness, Honey becomes a source of new beginnings for the people around her.

My wife and I have known Honey for several years and know that these adventures are accurate and well known in our region of the Central Coast of California. Her personal faith is authentic, and with great courage in the face of potential repercussions, she demonstrates that faithfulness to the purposes of God results in miracles. She has prayed with hundreds of people as they have dedicated themselves to God and hundreds more to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and physical healings.

With a petite physique, the anointing on her life demands great respect from even the largest and most hardened criminals. The grace of an evangelist flows through her and regularly melts the hearts of those once hostile to God. Whether in the workplace, a supermarket, on the street, or in our church service, Honey is consistently looking for opportunities to witness and minister to the lost and broken.

Her theology is practical, her revelation of Jesus is authentic, and I would recommend her to any ministry situation that may arise in the future.

Pastor and friend, Patrick Sparrow

Senior Pastor Shouts of Grace Church

ACTS Churches USA

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