Is There A Real Hell?

Is There A Real Hell?

 First of all, I used to think there were many paths to God.  But after experiencing Jesus coming into my heart and the resultant change from inside out, there is no doubt in my mind at all that the Bible is truth, and that there is a heaven and hell as described.  But even if there wasn’t a heaven later, just the actual, physical presence of God that I feel, and the actual love that I feel from Him right now would be worth living the Christian life here and now.  The peace and joy and difference in my life is so worth whatever He asks. 

Second, God doesn’t send anyone to hell.  People purposely choose hell by rejecting Jesus’ salvation.  They have heard about Jesus and have to symbolically push past Jesus when His arms are extended toward them to get to hell. 

Certainly many times the suffering on earth seems like hell.  But it doesn’t even begin to compare to an eternity of endless torture in the real, literal hell in the hereafter.  My deceased husband Richard died for 40 minutes and dangled about 30′ above hell.  He smelled the horrible, disgusting sulfur smell and heard the cursing, moans, screams, and saw the anguish of many in just a small area of hell.  He also saw heaven many years later.  And I know several others personally who have seen heaven also.

 Hell is like a humongous frying pan held over the lake of fire which is like a lake of flaming molten lava.  Occupants of hell will be thrown into the lake of fire after the judgment.  I know someone who saw the lake of fire. 

Many scientists now believe the Bible is true as there are many scientific facts in the Bible written under divine inspiration that were written thousands of years ago that have been proven to be true.  Facts that the people then had no way of knowing… 

You know how people in Columbus’ day thought the earth was flat.  In the book of Job, he wrote about earth being a sphere….Another place in the Bible it was written about all human blood being the same whereas before doctors in ignorance wouldn’t mix the blood of blacks and whites….Scientists discovered there was an extra day plus some hours when they were computing time, space, etc., so they could predict where and when the astronauts should land.  And where that time happened is described in the Bible in two places.

Yes, there is a real, physical place called Hell!  No one and nothing is worth going to hell! To avoid spending eternity there, please go to my page How To Connect With God.