I never dreamed that I’d ever thank God for my traumatic childhood, but now I actually do!  Weeping may endure for (sometimes a very long) night (season), but joy does come in the morning! God has a plan for every life – a plan that will give you more joy and fulfillment than anything you could plan for yourself.  And I didn’t know it, but He was guiding my path before I really knew Him personally.

I had a terrible childhood full of pain, hurt, anger, fear, and rejection. Before I was a Christian, what I experienced was working against me.  But after I got to know the Lord, He used what I experienced to give me compassion and understanding for hurting people.

As long as I could remember my mom and dad had screaming and yelling arguments continually.  There was constant fear and tension.  My father supported a mistress and her two children.  He would come home from work, change, and disappear.  He seldom ate with us.  I didn’t know as a young child that the reason he wasn’t ever home was because he and Mom didn’t get along.  I just thought that there must be something terribly wrong with me for him not to want to be with us. I felt ashamed, rejected, and abandoned.  My dad would drive into the driveway, and Mom would say, “Hush, he’s home,” and we would be terrified, wondering if he would be angry and drunk.

My biggest thrill was the few times my dad would take me to see our local baseball team play.  My mom would ruin it by saying, “He didn’t want to take you.  He phoned all his friends first.  The only reason he took you was because no one else would go.”  The momentary joy and acceptance I felt vanished.

When we were given gifts, the cards would be signed from Mom and Dad.  But Mom would say, “I put it was from him, too, but he doesn’t remember it’s your birthday.” And when I was around ten, Mom would often drive and park in front of the other woman’s house mouthing obscenities and saying what she would do if she found them together.  I would be cold and scared about what would happen if she did.  I just wanted to be home safe in my warm bed.

They had violent arguments. I remember the night my Dad nearly choked Mom to death. I remember the terror…my heart pounding wildly…my two sisters and I were in our rooms petrified. I remember the police coming and worrying what I would say if they questioned me. No matter what I said, one of them would be mad at me!  My mother decided not to press charges.  It would be too humiliating if the truth were made known.

I felt I had this big, terrible secret I couldn’t share with anyone.  We lived out in the country without neighbors my age.  Anyway I couldn’t have a friend visit.  I never knew what would happen next in our house. I didn’t feel really accepted at school either since I was the only minority in the whole school until the fourth grade.  They would be friends one moment.  Then the next moment I was the object of racial insults and ridicule. I felt very lonely.

In junior high, because Dad’s money was spent on “the other woman,” I wore my cousin’s discarded women’s dresses with dress sandals while my classmates wore cashmere sweaters, skirts, and angora bobby sox with oxfords.  The style for glasses was colored, angular frames, and I wore round, flesh-colored frames because they were cheaper.  Outwardly I looked the outcast that I felt I was on the inside.

I was never hugged or kissed or told I was loved by my parents.  They were so full of their own needs, they were blind to the needs of others. The only time I received attention was when I got straight “A’s”.  That carried over into adulthood.  I had to be among the best ones in swim class, bowling league, dancer, housewife.  What a strain!  I couldn’t relax and just have fun!  If I couldn’t be really good in an activity, I just wouldn’t participate.

I dated a lot but stayed a “good” morale girl and married a nice, stable man at 20, and a year later we were thrilled to have a boy first and then a girl.  One of each!  But I had an empty place in my heart, and I was still seeking my father’s love.

Since I always wanted to help people, I tried to fill that void by going as a volunteer to a nearby prison for monthly prerelease classes where we tried to prepare the men for outside.  I also attended post release classes weekly to meet with parolees to discuss problems they may be having. 

Then I selfishly divorced my husband because he was boring and really hurt him and my two children.  After that I lived an immoral life living for pleasure. I’m so glad God looks at our hearts and not what appears on the surface.  He saw the hurting little mixed-up girl and had mercy on me. I was dating a lot and enjoying what I thought was the “new morality”. Now I know there’s no such thing.  It’s only the “old immorality”.  I thought it was all right to have sex if you were in love.  So I was always “in love”.

I quit the volunteer work and went back to being a secretary for Corrections, Youth Authority, and Parole taking tests and advancing. Then they started hiring women as correctional officers. I was among the first women at California Mens Colony, and being a pathfinder was extremely difficult.

You see, I had been running away from God.  Because I had such a bad father image, I thought God was this huge Being in the sky with a lightening bolt ready to zap you if you get out of line.  I thought being a Christian would be dull, difficult, too hard, and no fun.  And I was living for pleasure.  But God kept bringing Christians to me to witness to me away from work.  Then it finally dawned on me that He had a plan for my life and it was better than anything I could plan for myself!  But I knew giving my will meant giving up my birth control pills, giving Him control of my checkbook, and marrying who He wanted for me.  So 1-1/2 years after I started working at the prison, I surrendered to His love.  His love took away my fear of His will for my life!  And it’s been exciting almost daily adventures with Him ever since!

God baptized me in the Holy Spirit when I was alone with Him in a gun tower at 3:50 am!  Then He put me all over that prison showing me who to talk to and what to say.  And inmates and staff started getting born again and later baptized, healed, and delivered all over that prison!  It was worth all the ridicule and persecution from staff as usually two a week and sometimes as many as eight in a day came to know Jesus, one by one. He also brought my husband to me supernaturally through dreams, vision, and Word of Knowledge. But the amazing prison experiences and my God-arranged romance are another story for another time.


Honey French

My Toilet Bowl Miracle


My Toilet Bowl Miracle

It thrills and amazes me to realize: God loves us so much, Jesus is constantly interceding for us!  Are you struggling in a certain area? At times does discouragement almost overwhelm you?  I’m so glad Jesus wants to free us completely and has the power to do that!

Therefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever lives to make intercession for them.  Hebrews 7:25. 

After I gave my life to Jesus, I realized I had a temper problem.  Before that I excused and justified it.  After all, I never stayed mad long.  And, I reasoned, it’s a good, healthy release not to keep things pent up inside.  I even thought anger was a useful tool to get people to cooperate with me.  Now doesn’t that sound nicer than the truth:  I used anger to try to manipulate and control people!  Some people don’t want to be freed from their temper and rage because they found it useful to scare and intimidate people.  Now that’s real food for thought!

I can remember when I first saw a girl in my high school class use an evil, menacing stare to get someone to do what she wanted.  I thought, “Wow, I’d like to be able to do that!”  I didn’t know it, but that opened the door and gave Satan access to that area.  So for years I would explode when upset and then almost immediately be nice again and think nothing of it.

But soon after I became a Christian, God started convicting me with scriptures that made me squirm!  I’ve put them at the end of this article.

 Ouch!  Over a period of time,  as I meditated on those scriptures, first I was uncomfortable, then conviction came, then I felt sorrow as I struggled, and then came remorse, frustration, and discouragement.

I tried to resist getting angry but I kept failing. I unsuccessfully tried to control it. Unknowingly, I was resisting in my own power.  God showed me I was to submit myself to God first. James 4:7  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. So when the temptation came to get angry, I would cry out to God for help and think of Him inside me and allow the Holy Spirit to resist through me for me.  I was also meditating on scriptures about anger and proper speaking.  And I was quoting scriptures out loud when tempted.  So I didn’t get mad as often, but it was still a struggle.

Then early in my marriage to Richard came a most memorable event.  He would take a bath and leave the ring in the tub for me to clean.  That ring in the tub became a constant irritant to me!  How I hated to see another new ring everyday to clean. One busy day it especially irked me.  While I was using cleanser to scrub it, I was grumbling inside.  “He should be more considerate.  He’s home more than I am.  Look how hard and long I work at the prison…”  Ooops!  I reminded myself that I had asked God for a servant’s heart and should embrace this as an opportunity to grow.  My attitude was better as I put a bowl under the tub faucet.  I was going to fill it with water to splash the suds and ring away as I usually did.  At least that was my plan!

Richard had forgotten to push the lever down after his showering off, and water came down on my head from the shower instead of the faucet down below where I expected!  Boy, did I see red!!!  I was furious! I threw the bowl into the tub and stomped out of the bathroom, past Richard in the next room, stormed into another room, and slammed the door!  I felt heat turn my face red as rage started to boil up wanting to explode!

“No, I’m not going to explode; he didn’t do it on purpose,” I thought.

Another voice hissed in my mind, “Oh he should have known better.  He’s too lazy to clean it himself.”

“He means well; he’s busy with other things and has other things on his mind,” I said in his defense.

He’s not considerate at all.  Look how hard you work!  It was stupid of him to leave the lever up!”

 On and on the thoughts came as fast as I cast them down.  I felt the rage try to come up, and I’d cry out to God and stuff it down.  I don’t remember how many minutes I battled.

Finally I cried out loudly with every ounce of my being, “These thoughts aren’t mine! They’re not God’s! They’re the devil’s!  Help me, Jesus, I don’t want to explode!”

Suddenly I was engulfed with the most beautiful peace, and every bit of anger left quick as a flash!  I had received a deliverance!  And that rage has never returned.

I happily went to Richard and told him of my struggle and victory.  “Good for you, Honey!” We hugged and he went outside to work on my car.

I was singing as I started to clean the toilet bowl.  At the water line there was a black spot where the porcelain had worn off.  Every time I walked into the bathroom, I saw that horrible black spot in the toilet that looked like you-know-what!  But this time as I applied the brush to that spot, it suddenly disappeared!  Instantly the thought came, “It’s a miracle!”  But I reasoned it must have been a spot, and after all this time it finally flaked off.  Our carnal mind always argues against the supernatural things of God.  I looked and looked and could find no trace of any black specks in the toilet bowl!

“Is this You doing a miracle for me, God?!” I whispered, stunned.

I felt a “yes” inside.

“But why?!  I never even asked You to remove it!”

“To show you I love you.  I know how hard it was for you to resist that anger.  I’m so pleased with you!”

I was in a daze as I took the trash out and walked past Richard to dump it in the bin outside.  Still awestruck, I decided to share this amazing event with him.  He kept his head under the car hood as I said, “Richard, you know that black mark in the toilet bowl…God…God HEALED it!”

“Yes, God is good,” he said and kept on working on the car.

I started to go inside the house but returned to tell him again.  He must not have understood me.

“Oh, Honey, I’m so used to God doing amazing miracles, I forgot you aren’t.  While you were in the house, God told me to pray in tongues because He wanted to do a miracle for you.  As I prayed, God gave me an open vision of the toilet bowl with the black mark.  As I continued to pray, I saw an upright brush swish that black mark away…just like the toilet bowl commercial; so I wasn’t surprised when you came out and told me.”

How sweet and loving our wonderful God is!  Even the smallest concern of ours is important to Him!  He knows every struggle we have, and just wants us to yield our struggles to Him, focus on Him and His Word, and allow Him to deliver us.  Reading His Word changes our desires to His desires, and then He gives us the enablement.

Here’s the scriptures that prepared my heart so that I could be set free from the anger spirit:

Proverbs 10:12 Hatred stirs up strife: but love covers all sins.

Prov 12:16  A fool’s wrath is presently known: but a prudent man covers shame.

Prov 13:3 He that keeps his mouth keeps his life: but he that opens wide his lips shall have destruction.

Prov 14:29  He that is slow to wrath is of great understanding: but he that is hasty of spirit exalts folly.

The Story of Officer Honey



March 20, 2013

As a journalist, and all-around curious being, I’ve come to the point of discounting nothing; anything is possible.

So when an email recently arrived from a Morro Bay resident by the name of Honey French, outlining events in her life that included “a funny toilet bowl miracle, Twilight Zone adventure in communist China,” “lost ring supernaturally recovered” and “adventures at the prison!” my intrigue-o-meter redlined for a chat with her.

First off, her given name is Luella Kay Fong, born in Sacramento to Chinese parents, who, as it turned out, had some interesting peccadilloes between them.

For example, her father would come home from work, she says, change his clothes and generally spruce himself up before leaving their home for the rest of the evening to spend time with his mistress. For her part, Honey’s mother would say to Honey when he drove into the driveway: “Hush, the bastard’s home.”

Around the time she was 8, her mother would take Honey and her sister and sit in their car, parked in front of “the whore’s house.”

It was a traumatized household of rage and vindictiveness that left a profound sense of self-loathing in Honey. There was no refuge at school, where she was ridiculed as a minority.
That background led to a revelation that, “When you don’t like yourself, you don’t like your name.”

Her mother had called her “Honey” from early on. So, when she was 16, she jettisoned Luella — which she says means “worrier” — and began exclusively using the name Honey. It certainly didn’t hurt that she heard God within her heart, telling her that he had named her Honey.

Her early life was good for at least one thing: it nurtured in her a compassion for others in pain, which probably led her to a job as a secretary in the headquarters of the Department of Corrections in Sacramento. In that role, she read “tragic case histories” and toured San Quentin and Folsom prisons.

Those experiences, in turn, led her to volunteer with “Seven Steps Foundation,” an organization of ex-convicts helping convicts before their release.

The group started going to the Vacaville prison, where cons would “tell as little or as much as they wanted on how they would adapt to the outside. Seven Steps analyzed their commitments.” And then a job opportunity opened up for a correctional officer. At 5 feet, 2 inches and 104 pounds, she applied.

“I wanted to be a correctional counselor but became a correctional officer at the Men’s Colony in 1974,” breaking a gender barrier with two other women that year.

The situation wasn’t altogether well received by guards at the prison, who, she says, were leery as to how the women would respond to incredibly stressful situations.

For the first year-and-a-half she hated the job, afraid for her safety and life when she had to walk the main line. And then, one early morning at 3:50 a.m., while standing sentinel in one of the prison’s gun towers, her life was changed.

“I heard, ‘I love you’ from God. It was like a liquid love.”

As noted in her book, “Officer Honey, Light in the Darkness,” the experience gave her “supernatural knowledge about inmates and staff to show God’s concern and heart of love for those who are hurt and damaged by life’s circumstances.” She may not have had the job title of correctional counselor, but her gun tower encounter “transformed me into a positive, loving person in all situations.”

Although Department of Corrections policy is such that guards don’t become too friendly with those they oversee, she found herself comforting inmates who were “exploding, acting stupid or had received sad letters from home.”

For the next quarter century she remained a guard but also acted as a self-appointed lay minister among the incarcerated and staff, losing all of her fear (“You don’t mess with Officer Honey; she walks with God.”) and bringing her upbeat message of faith to those who had so little.

Now retired, she ministers at retreats and crusades in the Philippines, Peru, Thailand, Mexico, and throughout the States. She leads two prison chapel services each month, in addition to being “Honey From the Rock in Pismo” every third Saturday of the month at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf meeting room, 350 Five Cities Drive in Pismo Beach. She can be contacted at http://www.HoneyFromTheRockMinistry.com.

An incurable optimist, enthused and imbued with her faith, she says as we part: “I’m in the best season of my life.”

Bill Morem can be reached at bmorem@thetribunenews.com or at 781-7852.
Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2013/03/20/2437791_the-story-of-officer-honey.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy


“Officer Honey, Light in the Darkness”: can be found at:

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear


Have you ever experienced fear trying to overtake you?  I have.  Sometimes it was like a knot in the pit of my stomach.  Sometimes it’s an overwhelming heart-pounding, lump-in-my-throat feeling.  Another time it was a gnawing feeling of dread lurking nearby trying to invade me.  I’d like to describe some incidents where I experienced fear.

One time I was 16.  I was startled awake around 5 am by hearing cupboard doors banging shut downstairs and Dad cursing loudly.  Instantly I knew why he was mad.  I remembered! The night before, after my date left, I discovered the bottle of Scotch Dad had left on the dining room table to take on his fishing trip was gone! 

Oh no, my date had taken it as a prank!  I had gone to sleep with a sick, sinking feeling of dread.  And now I was wide awake with my heart pounding wildly.  I wasn’t a believer then but I know I prayed frantically until, with great relief, I heard Dad slam the front door and drive away.  Greg later returned that unopened bottle of Scotch and received a blistering scolding from Mom.   I knew the star athlete wasn’t ever going to ask me out again.

Another time my two sisters and I were jarred awake. We heard Mom and Dad having a loud argument.  That soon escalated and turned violent with Dad choking Mom.  We could hear her sobbing and gasping for him, telling him to stop, that he was hurting her.  Then she broke away and called the police.  All that time we were silently listening overcome with fear.  But when the police arrived Mom didn’t press charges.  It would be too humiliating if friends and family learned what had happened.

Both of those incidents were normal fear-for-your-safety natural fear.  Now I’ll relate two experiences of how I was attacked by a spirit of fear and how God rescued me.

Here’s the first incident.  I was now a Christian, and someone I loved was severely depressed and living in another city.  I prayed and prayed of course.  Along with prayer, all I could do was try to encourage him with long phone conversations and letters.

One evening I was listening intently to a speaker at a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship meeting.  He described how his son was depressed and graphically described how the son had shot himself by putting a gun in his mouth and pulling the trigger.  He narrated how the blood had soaked his sox and filled his shoes. He related how the chief neurosurgeon was there when he normally shouldn’t have been working…How the bullet missed killing him by a fraction of an inch…And how it only marred the roof of his mouth resulting in a slight lisp!  His reasoning, memory, and intelligence were left intact!  It was a miracle!  God protected this praying Dad’s son!

As he was describing this horrible, bloody incident in gory detail, I heard a faint hiss, “It could come to this!”  I recognized it was a demonic attack.  I felt an icy cold fear trying to enter my very being!  I prayed in tongues and proclaimed 2 Timothy 1:7 God has not given me a spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind!  I said it again firmly rebuking in tongues furiously, and the spirit left.

Then I was literally shocked when I heard God ask in a whisper, “Would you still praise me if it did come to this?”  It was a very serious, sober moment as I realized that this could actually happen.

My response came instantly from deep within.  “Yes, Lord, I’ll still praise you even if it did come to this with him because I trust You and love You.”  With that total relinquishment and placing my loved one in God’s hand, came a beautiful overwhelming peace.  I knew without a doubt that if anything terrible like that happened to him, God would turn it around for his good.  Romans 8:28.  And I’m glad to report nothing that terrible happened to him before he finally gave his life to Jesus.  It was almost that bad, but God supernaturally protected him four times!

Another incident was when a man backed me into a corner.  I was terrified because I could see murder in his eyes.  His normally hazel brown eyes were pitch black, and I knew instinctively I was looking at a spirit of murder!

But suddenly supernatural faith rose up from deep within me.  “Greater is He within me than he who is in the world!  I rebuke you in Jesus’ Name!” I exclaimed loudly with a supernatural confidence!

He looked shocked just like someone slapped him.  (I wonder if an angel intervened — ?!) He then turned, and ran and threw up!  He was instantly delivered from a spirit of murder that he had since he was in his early teens.

His dad used to beat him bloody and unconscious until one day when they went hunting, he looked right over the barrel of his rifle aiming at his dad and pulled the trigger!  His intent was to kill his dad, but for some unknown reason the barrel jerked up just as the trigger was released.  His dad never beat him again, but he had opened the door to that spirit of murder.  We later believe an angel pushed that rifle up.  Thank God he didn’t murder his dad!

I believe that both of those last two incidents had positive results because I cooperated with Holy Spirit over the years as He was leading me to pray and read the Bible and memorize scriptures.  And as I yielded my tongue and heart to Him and prayed in my heavenly language, it enabled God to pour faith into my open and surrendered heart as the scripture Jude 20 reads But you, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost.

So I want to encourage you to continually draw closer and closer to the Lord by praying in tongues and with your known language.  And read the Bible and memorize verses.  Let God prepare your heart.  The amount of faith you have is in direct proportion to the amount of time you spend with Jesus and reading His word.  Allow God to grow your faith, so it will be strong and vital when you need it.  The Word of God will rise up from your inner being, and you will be able to speak scripture wielding it like a sword to chop down the enemy of your soul along with his lies when he attacks.  And you will come out victorious every time!


Fulfill Your Destiny

Fulfill Your Destiny

By Honey French


Are you discouraged by your circumstances? Are you dissatisfied with your current situation? Our loving God knows all about it.  And because God loves you, He will turn it around eventually for your good as you give Him control of your life. Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.  It’s a promise of God.  But there are conditions, and the first is that we love Him.  And if we love Him we’re trying to please Him in all our ways.  And the second condition is that we’re trying to always be in the center of His will.

The following story is an example God put in the Bible for us.

Joshua 15:16 And Caleb said, He that attacks Kirjath Sepher, and takes it, to him will I give Achsah my daughter to wife. 17 And Othniel the son of Kenaz, the brother of Caleb, took it: and he gave him Achsah his daughter to wife. 18 And it came to pass, as she came to him, that she moved him to ask of her father for a field: and she dismounted from her donkey; and Caleb asked her, What do you wish? 19 She answered Give me a blessing; for you have given me a south land; give me also springs of water. And he gave her the upper springs, and the nether springs. 

We can learn a lot about characters in the Bible by their names. God gives us clues about them when we look up the meaning of their names in the original language, which is Hebrew in this case.  Also, looking words up in the Strong’s Concordance gives better understanding of God’s intent.

Aschsah was perhaps viewed by her father Caleb as a pretty object or possession to be given away since the meaning of her name Achsah (5915:anklet, tinkling ornament) was frivolous. Anyway her father offered her as a prize or reward to whoever captured the city, as was often the custom of that time.  What a custom!  Aren’t you glad you didn’t live in those ancient times?!

Can you imagine what Aschsah was thinking?!  What kind of man will this warrior be?  Will he be a crude, hulking, brutal oaf of a man?  What will he look like?  Will he be handsome or ugly, fat or thin, tall or short?  How will he treat me?  Will he be kind, gentle, and considerate, or order me around?  I bet she bombarded heaven with prayer!

But we’re not victims of our circumstances when we belong to God! God knows the beginning from the end! Nothing in our life is an accident! We don’t know that much about Achsah, but we do know that God thought she deserved Othniel (6274:  force of God; 0352:  strong, mighty, goodly), who we know by his name was a strong, mighty, good man with the force of God behind him.  God allowed him to take that city because God wanted to reward her with this wonderful man for a husband.

Perhaps her dad Caleb didn’t think that much of Achsah because Caleb didn’t give them any land when they married.  Joshua 15:18 And it came to pass, as she came to him, that she moved (moved 5496:  stimulate, enticed, persuaded, provoked) him to ask him to ask of her father for a field.  She had to persuade or provoke Othniel to ask her father Caleb to give them land, which he did.

There are so many men or women who feel overlooked or unappreciated because they feel people just look at the outer appearance. Perhaps Achsah was thought of as this pretty, brainless little thing that is nice to look at, period. I’m so glad God doesn’t view us as others do. He looks at the heart! He knows what He created us to be. He knows our potential. He looks past what we appear to be with our flaws and weaknesses and sees us the way we can be. 1Sam 16:7 But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.

Caleb appeared to have overlooked giving them land. Aschsah, however, thought enough of herself and her own worth to persuade her husband to ask Caleb for land. However, when Caleb did, he gave them land in the south (5045:  parched from drought) which was not desirable.)

So Aschsah later went to her father with purpose. Caleb recognized that and asked what she wanted. She wasn’t hesitant or wishy-washy. She knew who she was and what she deserved. And she boldly told him the land he gave them was parched from drought. But she wasn’t demanding and obnoxious. She asked in faith believing that her father loved her enough to grant her request. She asked for springs, plural! And he gave her upper and lower springs!  (upper 5942:  ascend, high, grow over, increase, lift up, raise, recover, restore, shoot forth up, spring and stir up) and (nether 8482: lowermost, depths, figuratively the womb)

The upper spring symbolizes recovering and restoration, ascending high, increasing, a stirring up and shooting forth upward! Don’t be discouraged! Don’t give up hope!  Don’t think your situation won’t ever improve! Go on to your full potential…God’s destiny for you ordained from the womb!  When God created you, He put everything in your DNA to fulfill all that He has for you!  Jeremiah 29:11:  For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you a future, a hope, a reward.

We can go to our Father God and ask in faith being led by the Holy Spirit!  He wants to bless us and help us become all that He created us to be.  And He wants us to come into the blessings He has planned for us since the foundation of the world!

And remember the nether springs symbolizes from the depths, from the womb, new creative thoughts and ideas and projects or ministries being birthed!  Perhaps there’s an invention waiting to come forth from you!  Proverbs 8:12: I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions.  Perhaps there’s a song or a book waiting to be birthed!

So please be encouraged.  Don’t fret, worry, or complain, but praise Him in spite of your circumstances, even when it’s the hardest thing to do. Philippians 4:4:  Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.  Nehemiah 8:10…for the joy of the LORD is your strength. We don’t praise Him for the circumstances, but we praise Him in spite of them because He’s worthy of our praise.  He’s a wonderful, powerful God who spoke the world into existence!    Praise doesn’t change the situation instantly, but it gives us a different perspective as we examine our circumstances. When we meditate on the awesome greatness of our God, our big huge problem will diminish in size because our faith increases as we see the grandeur of God and see the problem from eternity’s viewpoint. 

 Hebrews 12:1  Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

2 Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

3 For consider him that endured…lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds. 12 Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees;

Genesis 50:20  But as for you, you thought evil against me; but God meant it for good, to bring it to pass this day, to save much people alive.  Always remember that God loves us and wants to turn situations that the devil meant for evil around for our good just as He did for Joseph in Genesis and for Achsah in Joshua 15!  So I’m hoping this article will inspire and encourage you to persevere and fulfill the wonderful destiny God has ordained for you since you were in your mother’s womb.


The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delights in his way. Psalm 37:23.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.  Proverbs3:5.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.  Proverbs 3:6

Honey Featured in Peru Article

Featured in Peru Article


I had a fabulous time watching God do amazing things when I ministered in Peru.  There I met the prominent Linares brothers, all pastors. Alfred also sings and God gives him words and music to anointed songs. They are hoping I’ll return to Peru to minister. Alfred gave me the privilege of featuring me and my book on his blog spot.  Please click on the following link:


Translation of the article:


U.S. -Honey French was one of the first women in the official history working as criminal in prison for convicts in the US.She had a very difficult childhood but God had a wonderful plan for your life as an evangelist International. His ministry Honey from the Rock Ministries reaches to many prisons in the US and the world with the Word of God.


She has published a book on official English Honey: a light in the darkness (Officer Honey: A light in darkness) which tells the story of his life whose testimony is an example of struggle and concern for those who are deprived of their liberty and for the families affected by the absence of their loved ones.


 What is the purpose of the book Officer Honey? My purpose is to honor God and show the heart of God to those that have been damaged by life’s circumstances. Both of those who suffer and no lack of those who by their wrong decisions have caused deep pain not only to that person but also the people around him.


 What is the intended audience of this book?


Those passing through difficult situations in their lives. I want to speak to the prison officials, officers and their family members who have a loved one prisoner by circumstances that occurred in their lives. 

How was your personal encounter with the Lord?

I had a personal encounter with the Lord many years ago when i was service in the watch tower of a criminal at 3:30 in the morning and i was baptised by the Holy Spirit. God gave me an opportunity since that date to proclaim the gospel to prisoners and prison officials about the love of God by showing the plan of God for their lives. Signs and miracles occurred for the glory of the Lord. 


We can see a great talent of God in the narrative of your book which gives to understand the inspiration of God in each paragraph. Tell us how has been the reception of the book in the believing people of english speaking? 


Very blessed. I am pleased to be able to share this feeling of God toward the other toward a calling from God to intensify the evangelization in the detention centers toward the that life circumstances have gone through very difficult situations and have taken in life wrong decisions. 


I am delighted to receive countless samples of breath to have purchased the book and have read with much enthusiasm its content and understand how to be able to share with the people grieved by the life, the gospel and the Word of God to fill that empty spot in their hearts. I thank God to have the opportunity to show a little of his love in this work. 


Honey, did you stay in Peru a few years ago in one of your international tours in 2010. 


If i was in the cities of Lima and Ica sharing the Word of the Lord and my testimony in the company of the sisters of aglow International and a ministry of planting churches. I have fond memories of my visit to Peru. I have travelled to different parts of the world and I always carry in my heart and in my prayers. I am also praying that God open the doors and be able to travel again to Peru and other South American countries in a rotating testimonial.


 Perhaps this is a signal to have the opportunity to be able to get our hands on the official hispanic version of honey. We will be praying for that, of course. 


Pastora Honey what message would you give to our fellow believers, pastors and leaders in general in relation to this called ministerial to reach with the gospel the prisons? 


I am very grateful to this medium -PastoresyLideres for giving me the opportunity to address the leading Hispanic Christians and all the people of God in latin-american countries wishing them all the blessings of the Lord for their lives with all my heart. 


My story illustrates that my sadness in my childhood were not in vain but quite the contrary, they were used for the good of other people who were passing through difficult situations. This story shows how God can use ordinary people for the honor and glory of his name and his ministry. I want to say to all believers in the Spanish-speaking world that we put our eyes again in these places and people away from not only of freedom but the powerful message of God to their lives. 




This book is available at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble for the English-speaking and that they are familiar with the English language. There will be very soon a Hispanic edition through the means mentioned above. We pray for this. Invitations to international please visit the following address:


Honey French la Primera Mujer predicando en penales en EE.UU ~ Pastores y Lideres

Amazing Trip to Florida


Just returned from a wonderful time speaking in three cities in Florida… 

God blessed with many emotional and physical healings and Words of Knowledge to many during each meeting…

One woman was in severe pain and unable to work so Jesus HEALED her instantly of FIVE RUPTURED DISCS!! 

A strong presence of God was at each meeting and the expression on the faces of those there showed how the message He gave me impacted them. 

Another had not been able to sleep for weeks and was desperate so Jesus delivered her of INSOMNIA and three days later she was thrilled she was still sleeping well! 

A missionary at a meeting only spoke only a few words in tongues and wanted more. As we prayed, Jesus gave him a release and a flow of his heavenly language! 

God had me help two others receive the ability to give prophetic words. 

Taught a group to sing in the Spirit (in tongues)! 

Started talking to an 80 year old man while touring a botanical garden about him being a seeker of beauty, about the beauty of the universe, how the Creator of all this beauty wants a relationship with him, and then led him to a personal relationship with Jesus!

At a restaurant, Carol started talking w/waitress JaJa then said: Honey, she wants a closer walk w/Jesus! And I led her into BHS! God came as consuming fire and she was burning hot. Her mom prays in tongues! Imagine her Mom’s joy!

Home group. Four received the baptism of the Holy Spirit …one had asked for yrs and when I asked if she wanted to also receive, she said timidly, “If you think He’ll give it to me — ?” and was overwhelmed praying in tongues and received powerful intercession spirit.

And I told my dear host satan wants to take him out so he wouldn’t fulfill his destiny and how he needed to walk when he didn’t want to and about my Dad not walking and how he got weaker and weaker…to speak words of faith instead of criticism over his carnal church…pray answers instead of problems.

On one flight told gospel to John was very open and who NEVER heard GOSPEL before! He was going to interview for a TV news casting job and said he’ll seriously think about it.

On another flight the pretty 65 years old stewardess was able to talk to me since I had aisle seat and said she wanted to read a couple of chapters of my book and ended up reading it all and bending it up! She said it really encouraged her!

On one flight I had an aisle seat and talked with the woman by the window over the sleeping woman between us. Jesus gave Cathy her heavenly prayer language. Her evangelist sister later wrote to thank me as her sister had been resistant to hearing anything about it!

God lovingly arranged these divine appointments:

At an airport a woman of another belief system said she remembered overhearing me talk about my book with someone over a year ago at another airport and knew this was a divine appointment and bought my book. During the flight, she stopped me at the end of the flight and said she almost finished the book, enjoyed it, and that it was very enlightening!

My next seat partner had been incarcerated in Attica and Sing Sing for 15 years. (Worst federal prisons!) He gave his heart to Jesus then but is backslid. Has had his contracting business for over ten years. We talked quite a bit. He bought my book. I shared how I know he’s going to recommit and will lead his second wife and kids to Jesus.

Our plane was late and had to run a long way and almost missed my plane! I heard them call out boarding for SLO when I was far away! I ran and was out of breath and someone called out to the electric cart which got me there and everyone else was on the plane!

My new seat partner had missed a flight, so it was a definite God setup, as were the others. He read the back cover of my book how I had a encounter with God in the gun tower. He announced, “I want to read this book. Tell me now about the supernatural!” He told me of ESP experiences he had and is married to a Shinto believing wife. My lungs still hurt as I talked but I knew it was important. So I explained about the difference between the demonic and gifts of the Spirit. He’ll learn more and I believe give his heart to Jesus as he reads my book.

And when we were at the SLO airport waiting for our luggage, there was Gary and his wife also returning from a trip! I had encouraged him while he was incarcerated and now God was opening doors for him to speak! What a thrill for me to see this and what a beautiful way to end my trip!

Our Jesus is so amazing, fun-loving and compassionate! 

Thoughts On Heaven


Thoughts On Heaven

Thoughts on Heaven

Today I read a posting on Facebook re missing parents who are in heaven, and it prompted me to reflect on this:

In my book Officer Honey I related some of the hate and fear that permeated the atmosphere in our home when I was a child.  Mom and Dad constantly had violent arguments, and my sisters and I were always terrified because we never knew what would happen next.

I didn’t open my heart to the Lord and give my life over to Him until I had worked at the prison for over a year.  When I went home on vacation and I tried to explain the difference God made in my life, Dad would explode in a rage and Mom would set her jaw and turn her face away from me.  They were hardened against the Lord for about ten more years.

Then I had the privilege of leading my God-resisting mom when she was in her 70’s to Jesus, nine days before she died. And I actually was more happy she made it to heaven than sad she was gone.

Awhile later I led my dad to Jesus and there was a real difference for one week but he didn’t read the Bible I gave him and it didn’t appear to be any difference for the better in his life. After his death I wondered if he had drifted away from God before he died.

So God lovingly gave my husband a vision of Dad coming out of the River of Life dry and looking around amazed that heaven is true.  And Mom was at the edge of the river saying, “Harry, I’ve been waiting for you! Let me take you to see Jesus!” Later someone else told about how she saw people enjoying swimming in the River of Life and being immediately dry as they came out of the water.

And now in heaven, they both finally understand me.  And my husband is with them cheering me on! Thank God for His great love and mercy!

Here’s another video I hope you will enjoy:


He will swallow up death in victory and

The Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces…

Isaiah 25:8

Overcoming Depression

October 6, 2013

Welcome to a repeat of my first blog!

Overcoming Depression

I’ve been wanting for quite awhile to see the movie The Beaver as I really appreciate Mel Gibson’s acting ability and his choice of movies. So I finally rented it from RedBox with great anticipation. I thought it would be a heart-touching comedy, but instead it was a dark but excellent presentation, with a touch of humor, on deep depression.

Mel’s acting was superb as usual, and I really felt for him in that role. I wonder how many reading this right now feel without hope and in utter despair as he did?

Many years ago I experienced a 20+ year trial and cried many anguished tears. At times I felt there would be no end to my situation and that I couldn’t bear it anymore and wanted to run…to escape!

And this was simultaneous to the time period midway in my book Officer Honey. I learned to not look at my circumstances but to look to God’s promises in the Bible, praise Him despite my situation and despair (because He is worthy of my praise). By doing that I was exhibiting my trust that somehow, some way, God would use this experience for my good eventually as Romans 8:28 states because I met the conditions: I loved God, was trying to obey Him and be in the center of His will.

And all the while even after crying ten minutes before, I would look for opportunities to tell someone about Jesus. And that would release His River of Life within me to flow out to others, bringing His joy to them and to me, lifting me out of despair! Just like a natural river, if the river inside of me doesn’t flow, the river would get stagnant and stinky or dry up.

God gave me joy-filled adventures during my long trial. And that trial deepened my faith, strengthened me, and was preparation for the ministry I have today.

I never dreamed then that one day I could honestly say in the future I’m glad I went through it!And you too will get to the other side!

Here’s a video I believe you’ll enjoy: 



Divine Appointments

Divine Appointments 

I love to have divine appointments arranged by God!  Here’s a wonderful example of His love… 

I went to the prison expecting to have a service but God had another plan!  Instead I learned there was a luncheon for inmates and another volunteer group so joined them.  We grabbed a sandwich and went outside to a small patio.

While I was socializing with two inmates, one mentioned he was scheduled for surgery on his painful knee, and the other told about his need for surgery on his rotator cuff.  I told them Jesus wanted to heal them both, explained some healing scriptures to build their faith, prayed, and told them to do something they couldn’t do before.  They were hesitant but obeyed and Jesus healed them both instantly!  

One was excitedly bending his knee and exclaimed, “I couldn’t do that before!  There’s no pain!!” And the other was swinging his arm in a circle equally happy!  We were all thanking Jesus! 

A short while later as I started to leave, another inmate stopped me and asked when my next service would be.  He said he wanted to go to the altar so I could pray for him to be healed.  I told him he didn’t have to wait two weeks… that Jesus could heal him right there. He was surprised.  I took him to a quiet spot.  I felt that God wanted to do something else though.  

I asked, “What do you REALLY need?” 

He looked down and shuffled his feet.  I could hardly hear him as he whispered, “I’m always afraid.  I’m always filled with anxiety and terror,” he replied. 

“When did this first start,” I inquired. 

“When I was little.  I can’t remember when I wasn’t afraid!” 

I prayed asking God to help him remember when he first felt this fear.  I waited a moment then asked, “Did God show you anything?” 

“Yes.  I see myself about 5 in an inner tube in a river.  My step father was splashing water on me and laughing.  He told me he was going to drown me!  I was terrified!”

I told him, “Jesus is everywhere all the time and knows everything.  Let’s ask Jesus to show you where He was then.” 

After I prayed, I waited awhile then asked, “Is Jesus showing you anything?” 


“What do you see?” 

“I see Jesus!” 

“What is He doing?” 

“He’s walking on water toward me!” 

“Wow, I thought to myself!” I waited a moment then asked, “Did He reach you yet? 


“What is He doing?” 

“He scooped me up and is holding me!” 

“How does that make you feel” 

“Safe.  Secure.  Peaceful.” 

“Hold onto that feeling.  I’m going to pray, and we’re going to chase that fear away so it won’t ever return.”

I prayed, and Jesus totally freed him from fear! It was great to see the joy and peace on his face! 

I love Jesus and appreciate so much every time He gives me a God adventure! 

Order my book Officer Honey from Amazon.com or SmashWords.com to read about more God adventures!