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Thoughts On Heaven


Thoughts On Heaven

Thoughts on Heaven

Today I read a posting on Facebook re missing parents who are in heaven, and it prompted me to reflect on this:

In my book Officer Honey I related some of the hate and fear that permeated the atmosphere in our home when I was a child.  Mom and Dad constantly had violent arguments, and my sisters and I were always terrified because we never knew what would happen next.

I didn’t open my heart to the Lord and give my life over to Him until I had worked at the prison for over a year.  When I went home on vacation and I tried to explain the difference God made in my life, Dad would explode in a rage and Mom would set her jaw and turn her face away from me.  They were hardened against the Lord for about ten more years.

Then I had the privilege of leading my God-resisting mom when she was in her 70’s to Jesus, nine days before she died. And I actually was more happy she made it to heaven than sad she was gone.

Awhile later I led my dad to Jesus and there was a real difference for one week but he didn’t read the Bible I gave him and it didn’t appear to be any difference for the better in his life. After his death I wondered if he had drifted away from God before he died.

So God lovingly gave my husband a vision of Dad coming out of the River of Life dry and looking around amazed that heaven is true.  And Mom was at the edge of the river saying, “Harry, I’ve been waiting for you! Let me take you to see Jesus!” Later someone else told about how she saw people enjoying swimming in the River of Life and being immediately dry as they came out of the water.

And now in heaven, they both finally understand me.  And my husband is with them cheering me on! Thank God for His great love and mercy!

Here’s another video I hope you will enjoy:

He will swallow up death in victory and

The Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces…

Isaiah 25:8