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Overcoming Depression

October 6, 2013

Welcome to a repeat of my first blog!

Overcoming Depression

I’ve been wanting for quite awhile to see the movie The Beaver as I really appreciate Mel Gibson’s acting ability and his choice of movies. So I finally rented it from RedBox with great anticipation. I thought it would be a heart-touching comedy, but instead it was a dark but excellent presentation, with a touch of humor, on deep depression.

Mel’s acting was superb as usual, and I really felt for him in that role. I wonder how many reading this right now feel without hope and in utter despair as he did?

Many years ago I experienced a 20+ year trial and cried many anguished tears. At times I felt there would be no end to my situation and that I couldn’t bear it anymore and wanted to run…to escape!

And this was simultaneous to the time period midway in my book Officer Honey. I learned to not look at my circumstances but to look to God’s promises in the Bible, praise Him despite my situation and despair (because He is worthy of my praise). By doing that I was exhibiting my trust that somehow, some way, God would use this experience for my good eventually as Romans 8:28 states because I met the conditions: I loved God, was trying to obey Him and be in the center of His will.

And all the while even after crying ten minutes before, I would look for opportunities to tell someone about Jesus. And that would release His River of Life within me to flow out to others, bringing His joy to them and to me, lifting me out of despair! Just like a natural river, if the river inside of me doesn’t flow, the river would get stagnant and stinky or dry up.

God gave me joy-filled adventures during my long trial. And that trial deepened my faith, strengthened me, and was preparation for the ministry I have today.

I never dreamed then that one day I could honestly say in the future I’m glad I went through it!And you too will get to the other side!

Here’s a video I believe you’ll enjoy:


Divine Appointments

Divine Appointments 

I love to have divine appointments arranged by God!  Here’s a wonderful example of His love… 

I went to the prison expecting to have a service but God had another plan!  Instead I learned there was a luncheon for inmates and another volunteer group so joined them.  We grabbed a sandwich and went outside to a small patio.

While I was socializing with two inmates, one mentioned he was scheduled for surgery on his painful knee, and the other told about his need for surgery on his rotator cuff.  I told them Jesus wanted to heal them both, explained some healing scriptures to build their faith, prayed, and told them to do something they couldn’t do before.  They were hesitant but obeyed and Jesus healed them both instantly!  

One was excitedly bending his knee and exclaimed, “I couldn’t do that before!  There’s no pain!!” And the other was swinging his arm in a circle equally happy!  We were all thanking Jesus! 

A short while later as I started to leave, another inmate stopped me and asked when my next service would be.  He said he wanted to go to the altar so I could pray for him to be healed.  I told him he didn’t have to wait two weeks… that Jesus could heal him right there. He was surprised.  I took him to a quiet spot.  I felt that God wanted to do something else though.  

I asked, “What do you REALLY need?” 

He looked down and shuffled his feet.  I could hardly hear him as he whispered, “I’m always afraid.  I’m always filled with anxiety and terror,” he replied. 

“When did this first start,” I inquired. 

“When I was little.  I can’t remember when I wasn’t afraid!” 

I prayed asking God to help him remember when he first felt this fear.  I waited a moment then asked, “Did God show you anything?” 

“Yes.  I see myself about 5 in an inner tube in a river.  My step father was splashing water on me and laughing.  He told me he was going to drown me!  I was terrified!”

I told him, “Jesus is everywhere all the time and knows everything.  Let’s ask Jesus to show you where He was then.” 

After I prayed, I waited awhile then asked, “Is Jesus showing you anything?” 


“What do you see?” 

“I see Jesus!” 

“What is He doing?” 

“He’s walking on water toward me!” 

“Wow, I thought to myself!” I waited a moment then asked, “Did He reach you yet? 


“What is He doing?” 

“He scooped me up and is holding me!” 

“How does that make you feel” 

“Safe.  Secure.  Peaceful.” 

“Hold onto that feeling.  I’m going to pray, and we’re going to chase that fear away so it won’t ever return.”

I prayed, and Jesus totally freed him from fear! It was great to see the joy and peace on his face! 

I love Jesus and appreciate so much every time He gives me a God adventure! 

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